Terpene Profile:   d-Limonene, Nerolidol 2, alpha-Humulene, beta-Myrcene, Linalool

Strain Type:  Indica Hybrid

Lineage:  [Sherb] x [Cookies & Cream IX3]

Breeder:  Exotic Genetix

Be prepared to reach another level with this sweet, Indica dominant hybrid. Power Sherb  is ideal for those seeking pain relief, with energy to brave the day. After a slight blast  off, you return with a sedated clarity that guides your daily to-dos with ease. This  Limonene dominant strain features in its lineage the one and only Girl Scout Cookies,  combined with the classic genetics of Cookies and Cream. Connoisseurs will seek this  strain out for its unique effects.  

Frosty forest green nugs with slight purple tips and wispy orange pistils. It is much  brighter than most indicas, catching your eye quickly, and drawing you into its definition  and color. This strain certainly has ‘jar appeal’. 

A hint of sweet entangled with a strong pungent odor, it's like a taste of heaven itself.  The sweeter notes remind you of an ice cream, or sherbet, while the dankness smacks  you with a powerful blast. A super smooth smoke, with little to no harshness on the  chest. Power Sherb has an earthy tone with spicy, sour, and citrus notes. Hints of pine  and even a little garlic. 

Patients report this strain may treat depression and anxiety, as well as boosting appetite  and relieving insomnia. An enormous amount of pain relief, without the heavy sedative  effects found in most indicas. Power Sherb is a solid pick to start the day with reduced  inflammation and a better outlook on life. 




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