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What Is Butane Hash Oil?

Want to know how butane hash oil is made? Here’s our 2022 guide. Read on and get answers to questions like why people use butane to make hash oil.

Everything You Need to Know About Butane Hash Oil This 2022
What is Butane Hash Oil?

Butane Hash Oil, also known as BHO, is any cannabis extract made using an extraction process that uses butane as the primary solvent. BHO encompasses several kinds of concentrates, all defined thanks to their consistency and one-of-a-kind textures. These concentrates include crumble, sauce, shatter, badder, wax, and so much more. A certain kind of concentrate created using BHO depends on the type of cannabis strain used, along with the techniques and apparatus used in the entire production process. Other names for butane hash oil, aside from BHO, are butane honey oil, black glass, err, dabs, shatters, honey oil, and wax.

A thing to remember when buying BHO is that any packaging with the word “BHO” or “butane hash oil” doesn’t necessarily reveal its potency, quality, and effects. The only thing that it pertains to is that it was created using butane. The starting material – In this case, the cannabis plant used to make our concentrates – Will ultimately dictate the final quality of the BHO. A mixture of the purity of the final product, together with the flower used, is actually what separates the low-grade BHO concentrates from the top-tier ones.

BHO’s consistency is mainly derived from the techniques utilized during production. Even though extraction methods will depend on one producer to the next, as well as the resulting batches, the main goal is pretty much the same: Bring in the desired characteristics of the cannabis plant and infuse plenty of flavor into it as much as possible – But without the ash-producing and tar-producing matter. This is done using several kinds of purification and separation techniques.

What Kind Of Concentrates Are There?

Cannabis consumers can now purchase their favorite concentrates for recreation or medical purposes. And because of the gradual legalization of cannabis in certain countries, it seems like the popularity of these concentrates keeps on growing and growing. Sometimes, those new to smoking cannabis could have questions about the type of cannabis concentrates they’ll eventually encounter.

Here are the different kinds of concentrates you will see when visiting your local dispensary. Dapper Disposables has an array of concentrates and vape products ready for you to try out or purchase.


This is a form of BHO. Shatter is a very stable concentrate and has a glass-like texture, hence the name. But it is so fragile that it’ll “shatter” or crumble into many pieces. Top-tier shatter concentrates are solid, clear, and smooth. They also mostly have a sticky texture. Plenty of people will do their best to find shatter in dispensaries since it’s known to be a very pure concentrate.


While making a concentrate, whenever BHO goes through the whipping or vacuuming part of the process, the wax gets transformed into a brittle yet soft substance resembling a honeycomb. Just like shatter, crumble is very fragile and breaks apart easily. Depending on the number of times it has been broken down, the crumble must be able to be divided into suitable-sized dabs before you can smoke one.

This product usually comes in a brownish-yellowish color. A dab of wax is typically smoked using a vape pen or a water-based pipe. Of all the different concentrates on the market, wax is the stickiest one, and you must only handle it using a dab tool. The word “dab” comes from wax concentrates, referring to smoking a “dab” of wax.


This concentrate is crafted with CO2 instead of regular butane. The concentrate that results from this process comes in a rather runny oil and is often stored in a syringe or a jar. There’s quite a vast difference between oil-based concentrates made with regular CO2 and an oil-based concentrate crafted from butane. For cannabis smokers, it all comes down to one’s personal preference.


You can use plenty of techniques to create water hash concentrates. And as a result, the products made through this process can come in so many different forms, such as ice wax, solventless wax, bubble hash, and so on. But the basic rule when making water hash is this: Cannabis (whether fresh-frozen or dried) is combined with freezing-cold water and ice, then shifted mechanically or manually to remove the brittle trichome heads from the plant.


This is currently the most popular kind of cannabis concentrated on the market. Rosin is extracted from several dried cannabis buds, either trimmed or not. Other ingredients for making rosin include kief or low-grade water hash. One of the more unique aspects of rosin concentrate is that it’s reasonably easy to make – So much so that you can make it right in the comfort of your own home. All you need is some parchment paper, a hair straightener, and hand-applied pressure. As a result of the process, it’ll resemble an oil-like extract or a golden shatter, which looks similar to pressed, high-grade water hash or even a shatter concentrate extracted from solvents.

What is Butane Honey Oil Used for?

BHO can be utilized for either recreational or medicinal purposes. You can incorporate BHO into your drinks, food, or topicals like lotion and balms. When you ingest BHO, the THC compounds will pass through your digestive system and split into THC metabolites. These metabolites are said to create a longer-lasting and more potent effect than simply inhaling the product.

You can also use BHO to create THC tinctures, also referred to as oils. You can use these oils as an ingredient in your favorite food or drink or apply them sublingually (a drop or two under the tongue). A dropper in a tincture oil packaging allows you to administer the clear, golden oil beneath the tongue. Wait for at least 20 seconds to let the oil seep into your bloodstream. You can start feeling the sublingual effects of the oil after at least 20 minutes, compared to edibles, which will take effect after 45 minutes to an hour.

And when the tincture is infused into a topical product, recreational and medical users will be able to slather in a generous amount of BHO-infused creams, salves, balms, or lotions on top of the affected area for inflammatory and localized pain relief. Meanwhile, you can also ingest BHO in the usual method – By smoking or vaporizing it, giving you a complete body experience. This can produce relaxing, fast-acting, and stimulating effects on your mind and body.

Another way to consume BHO is to add it onto a pre-ground whole flower inside a packed bowl or swirled around a joint. This will provide you with a strong flavor and potency, which you’ll feel after smoking it. BHO is commonly inhaled or “dabbed” as a vapor, by heating it using a portable vaporizer or a dab rig system. Plenty of e-cigarettes and disposable vape pens have features that give you the correct temperature precision while heating a concentrate, giving you superior convenience.

After ingestion, BHO’s THC compounds will enter your body through the digestion tract or the bloodstream, depending on how it was consumed. It’ll give you a relaxing, hallucinogenic and euphoric effect. The high potency of BHO will also provide consumers who suffer from various pains with a huge sense of relief. These pains include arthritis, muscle pain, and inflammation. It can also relieve mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. If you are using this product for recreational purposes, ingesting a BHO extract will give you loads of stress relief and other kinds of wellness benefits.

What is Butane Honey Oil Used for?

BHO is a densely concentrated version of cannabis. This is done when cannabis leaves are processed into pure, refined oil. Butane is a highly-flammable chemical utilized by producers to remove THC from cannabis. THC is the chemical that gives you that high when smoking cannabis. The result is a sticky substance that you can then smoke in a vape pen or pipe by placing a small chunk (or a “dab”) of it inside, then inhaling its fumes.

Dabs, also known as “dabbing,” is one of the names for using concentrated forms of BHO. It’s a brand new method of ingesting or administering cannabis inside the system. Dabbing involves ingesting or inhaling a highly concentrated amount of THC, one of the main active chemicals found in cannabis. This form is typically processed with the help of a chemical known as butane oil. The butane is also utilized for extracting the oil from cannabis.

Using BHO isn’t exactly new, but it’s gradually gaining popularity in some countries. The reason why it’s so popular is that cannabis is declared legal in certain parts of the USA, along with other countries such as Canada. The average BHO can include a concentration of THC that goes up to a staggering 80 percent. This is compared to the average cannabis strain, which can only carry an average of 10 percent to 25 percent.

Butane Hash Oil Side Effects

The side effects of consuming BHO are pretty much the same as cannabis. But because hash oil itself is more concentrated and potent compared to regular cannabis, the side effects you’ll get from it are more severe. These include mood swings, altered perception, impaired memory, impaired cognition, and dependence. Prolonged smoking can cause dizziness, fainting, psychosis, hallucinations, and anxiety.

Meanwhile, the benefits that come with ingesting BOH are pretty much the same as the ones that come with smoking cannabis. This is because BOH brings in the sense of euphoria, making it beneficial for treating inflammation, pain, and nausea.

And because hash oil is quite potent compared to other forms of cannabis, the effects of smoking it tends to be much stronger too. And as a result, it gives you an excellent way to relieve symptoms, especially if you use it as a method to treat certain medical conditions such as chronic or acute pain or even anxiety.

How to Consume Butane Hash Oil

Similar to other kinds of cannabis concentrates, there are plenty of ways for you to ingest BHO. One of the most common methods is through dabbing, in which a tiny water pipe comes equipped with a flat bowl that was meant to tolerate high temperatures.

Before dabbing, start by preheating the nail using a small gas-powered torch until it reaches your desired temperature. Using the flattened end of a dabber tool, you can scoop up a small dab of the BHO concentrate and slowly drop it inside the nail. And once the BHO comes into contact with the hot nail, it’s going to disappear right away. Put a cap on top of the nail to capture the vapor, then slowly inhale the vapor using the mouthpiece. This will pull up the vapor through the water chamber.

Together with a dab rig, you could also enjoy your BHO by using a smaller handheld vaping pen, as well as other vaping tools. A tiny amount of BHO is placed inside the heating chamber using these devices. After pressing a button, the chamber heats up automatically with the aid of a built-in battery. Once it gets hot enough to convert the BHO concentrate into steam, place the mouthpiece into your lips, to give it a pull.

There’s also a brand new method of ingesting BHO known as “twaxing.” This refers to rolling BHO wax or shatter into a string. Then you wrap it around a joint or a blunt for additional potency. Another way to do twaxing is to break a small piece of BHO crumble or wax, then use it as an extra-strong topping for a flower bowl or roll it into a blunt or a joint.

Butane Hash Oil Equipment

BHO extraction, also known as light hydrocarbon extraction, is perhaps the industry standard for creating high-quality cannabis concentrates either for vaping or consuming. Ranging from live resin to distillates, hydrocarbons as solvents can provide you with a different kind of efficiency and versatility, especially in comparison to other kinds of extraction methods.

Selecting the proper equipment for your extraction operations will greatly affect the throughput and quality that you’ll obtain from these runs. This is usually applied to BHO extractors that want to bring their BHO-extraction skills to the next level. This is why these BHO extraction equipment essentials can help give you nice and potent BHO concentrates at a greater scale.

Finding high-purity solvents is a good factor when making BHO concentrates. Depending on your personal experience in making BHO and your preference, you can choose the grade and type of the solvent. This is usually 100 percent N-butane, or around 95 percent and higher.

For the best kind of efficient BHO runs, cannabis must be milled finely to prepare for extraction. Meanwhile, the biomass itself has to be milled so it can make a homogenous and finely-ground material. An industrial cannabis plant grinder can quickly and easily shred any plant material into tiny particles.

Meanwhile, an industrial-sized cannabis grinder has a bigger grinding chamber, processing a higher amount of biomass for a quicker run. These specialized grinders will consider the damage created through high blade speeds.

When extracting BHO, speed is everything. This is why a biomass packer will streamline one of the most laborious and time-consuming parts of the whole BHO workflow. This packing machine will be able to pre-pack cannabis biomass even and quickly. They’re also easy to use as well. All you need to do is add in the loose biomass, then utilize a footswitch to pack in your material. Change the pressure so you can acquire the desired packing level.

Hoses are also an important part of the whole closed-loop system. That’s because a hose will be able to function as plumbing for your closed-loop system or attach other tools, including chillers and heaters, to a short path distillation unit.

An operator’s job isn’t done until the BHO has been packaged then shipped to stores or homes. Operators who require packaging for storage or sales can pick from a whole host of BHO products. This includes parchment paper, cartridges, battery options for vapes, glass jars, and concentrate scrapers. An airtight cannabis container lessens the exposure of the concentrate to several environmental factors, including oxygen, heat, and light from the concentrates.

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