Cannabis Strains: Purple Chem Review

Purple Chem is an Indica cannabis strain that offers amazing euphoric effects and potential health benefits. If you want to try this soon, shop at our store!

Is stress bugging your day that you cannot perform at your best? You're not alone in the fast-paced world where many people are coping with stress daily. But there's good news if you have a deep interest in cannabis strains. One of the most popular and effective remedies against stress and bad mood is the so-called Purple Chemdawg. This weed variety could come to your rescue and change how you face the busy week as it boosts your energy and motivation. How? Now that's the topic we're going to shed light on today.

You've probably read many cannabis product reviews already - or maybe just a few. Either way, it's always vital to consider this source as your guide in choosing the best cannabis strain for your recreational or medical needs. But the tricky part is not just that. As you enter the weed market, you must find a reputable provider that can guarantee 100% satisfaction with your chosen items. Have you spotted one yet? Well, mind you, Illicit Gardens is here to give you all the premium marijuana products that are friendly to your budget. Read on and learn more about one of our highly sought-after cannabis strains - the Purple Chem.

Purple Chem: What is It Exactly?

There are over 100 cannabis strains discovered to date, and most of these products are getting the hype among millions of consumers across the United States and Canada. You'll also find some in other places where weed is legal. But among all the available choices, no single item works for everyone. If you're passionate about marijuana due to its psychoactive and therapeutic effects, you need to find one strain that could give you relief and satisfaction.

Purple Chem is a highly potent Indica-dominant strain created by crossing Purple Punch and Stardawg. The growers initially bred this popular weed variety in Southern California, and it has gone through some experiments before having the final product. The breeders have crossed Chem 91 with a double-back-crossed Pre-98 Bubba male to produce the best features of the two classic marijuana strains. Purple Chem has won multiple awards, including the best Indica at the 2016 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup.

What Made Purple Chem an Award-Winning Strain?

The secret behind the success of Purple Chem in the Cannabis society is its ideal formulation that produces amazing effects and health benefits. When you consume this product, there's a guarantee of experiencing elevated mood and stress relief all day. That's the nature of its THC and CBD content which many weed enthusiasts are fond of. It delivers powerfully relaxing effects that help users get through the tough times. How does it taste, though? This incredible variety has a sweet grape aroma, diesel, and spicy herb undertones.

Once you smoke the flower, you'll enjoy the euphoria within a few seconds. Purple Chem will leave your mind free to wander, and you'll become more creative. As most users claim, the substance works wonders as you look deep into the introspective realms. This sensation can be attributed to the genetic line of Chemdawg 91 and Pre-98 Bubba Kush, which offers balanced effects. Some people using the product for medical purposes say this strain is quite effective for relieving chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

THC Content of Purple Chem Strain

If there's one substance that you should closely examine when you buy cannabis Indica and Sativa strains, that's tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). You know this is a psychoactive compound that triggers euphoria once consumed. This cannabis Indica strain also has its unique THC content, ranging from 19-21%. The strength of this compound could last for three hours or so, depending on the dosage and your metabolism. No matter what delivery method - smoking, oral ingestion, etc. - you choose, ensure that you stay within your tolerance level.

Once the substance starts working in your body, the effects would begin with a head rush behind your eyes. The onset time might be a bit slow, but that's normal. But everything around you could suddenly change if the head high brings you to a different world. It will then slowly fade into a mellow body high with a moderate level of couch-lock. There will also be overwhelming munchies produced by potent cannabis Sativa and Indica effects.

Notably, Purple Chem has an ideal terpene profile, too. This gives the Indica product a fantastic aroma and flavors, plus additional health benefits. The terpenes generally include D-limonene, Beta-caryophyllene, Alpha-pinene, Beta-pinene, and Alpha-humulene. On appearance, this cannabis strain has fluffy and furry dense bright neon green nugs, purple undertones, and thick, fiery orange and blue hairs. It is usually covered in a fine layer of trichomes and syrupy sweet resin. As experts claim, Purple Chemdawg is ideal for treating certain medical conditions, such as anxiety disorders, chronic pain, anxiety, and PTSD.

Potential Health Benefits of Purple Chem

Alongside the fantastic effects of Purple Chem, which include euphoria, and relaxation, there are also potential health benefits. You might have come across sources highlighting the medicinal properties of Indica strains. And yes, that also holds with this product. Considering this cannabis strain helps you decide better when you know what to expect upon consumption. Some of the perks for your general health come in the following:

  • Stress Relief

At the beginning of this product review, you were probably reminded of how debilitating stress can be. Well, that's typical of many people nowadays as stress is a significant cause of lack of motivation, energy, and focus. This condition has even caused some chronic diseases. So, what do you do to cope with it? If you're considering Chem Dawg as a health supplement, then great! This cannabis Indica strain is purported to offer relief from stress. In other words, you can best manage the aftermath of stressful situations when you consume this product.

  • Combats Depression

During your low moments, who do you count on? Or probably, what product comes to your mind to get back up? Everyone goes through dark phases of life - and that's okay. As long as you know how to manage yourself, the consequences can be placed under control. One way to combat this depressive episode is by taking cannabis strains that may help stimulate the happy hormones in your brain. Purple Chem is an Indica breed, which means that it has high concentrations of THC that can give you a boost of joyful feelings. Well, that's a must-try to find it out.

  • Relieves Chronic Pain

Body pains are also common among those frequently involved in hard labor or long sitting in the office. Perhaps you've experienced this condition before. What did you do then? There are many drugs available in pharmacies to get instant relief. But have you ever tried a cannabis Indica strain? The next time you feel joint and nerve pains, you might want to try Purple Chem to know how it works. Some past users shared that this cannabis product is effective for relieving chronic pain. That's a sigh of relief when it proves to be true for you.

  • Promotes Better Sleep

Are you having a difficult time sleeping lately? It might be a sign of insomnia. Several factors could explain why you're experiencing this sleep disorder. Although there are over-the-counter drugs that you can take, it helps to consider some supplements first. Many people have already proven the efficacy of medical marijuana in this type of medical condition. And yes, Purple Chem is one of those highly preferred cannabis products to aid better sleep. If you think it's worth your bucks, you can try this weed variety soon.

Note: Cannabis, in general, has been repeatedly cited in published studies and articles to have therapeutic effects. Purple Chem is one of its kind that offers the above-mentioned potential health benefits. However, before using the product for medical purposes, it is proper to consult your physician first if you have an existing medical condition. This cannabis strain review does not serve as a substitute for appropriate medical advice from a certified professional. You may also read further on Indica vs. Sativa: What's the Difference? to have a valid reference.

How to Consume Purple Chem

Purple Chemdawg is generally available in flower form, meaning you can smoke the cannabis product for immediate effects. This delivery method is self-explanatory, but remember that excessive smoking might irritate your lungs. At the outset, you have to observe how the substance affects your body. Although the effects are instantaneous, that's not always what matters. If you find other products, like edibles, infused with this cannabis strain, you might consider shifting to that for good.

There are also vape pens that you can add to the list. Well, it's not surprising that several weed extracts are being sourced from the same strain due to their popularity. You might be able to find the variant that's best suited to your needs. Remember that how you consume the weed has something to do with your overall experience. It would essentially determine the onset time and duration of effects. If you need further guidance, read more product reviews to know what other consumers think about Purple Chem and the best way to consume it. You might also consider the Top 5 Indica Strains You Should Try Today!

Proper Dosing for Purple Chem

Illicit Gardens Purple Chem will leave you wanting more, so the chances of overconsumption are very high. Is that safe at all? Well, you should remember that this product's pleasant experience depends on the dosage. The higher THC or CBD you consume doesn't mean it's right for you. You should at least stay within your tolerance level if you want the best experience. Going beyond how much you can tolerate could trigger adverse reactions that would make you uncomfortable for several hours.

So, how do you accurately dose this cannabis Indica strain? It depends on the form that you're taking. If you're smoking the flower, how much THC or CBD you inhale would determine the effects. Otherwise said, it's how long you draw from the smoking device. For other possible delivery methods, the rules are different. For example, if you're consuming edibles infused with the strain, the dosage lies in the cannabinoid content and how many edibles you consume. That's how it works.


  1. How much does Purple Chem typically cost?

The price of Purple Chem varies in every cannabis dispensary or online shop. If you want to save on this purchase, look for providers that offer affordable yet high-quality products. Illicit Gardens is one company you can trust for any marijuana item that's quite popular nowadays. If you want to find a retailer for this product, click on the link.

  1. How do you examine the quality of Purple Chem?

The brand speaks for itself. Aside from this indicator, you can also check the cannabinoid and terpene content labels. Other factors include how the hemp was grown and processed to produce the end product. Consumer reviews might also help you decide better.

  1. What’s the secret to maximizing the benefits of this Indica Strain?

Purple Chem would give a unique experience for everyone. How it affects you would be different from another user. But there's a key to maximizing its potential benefits. It would always come down to your purpose of using the cannabis Indica product. This would guide you on how you're supposed to consume it.

Consumer Reviews About Purple Chem

Wanna know how the loyal users of Purple Chem feel about this product? Please read the following consumer reviews and reflect on their experience.

"Purple Chem has given me a boost of energy and focus that helps me perform well at work and home. It's a highly recommended cannabis strain for everyone!"

-Steph Davis

"I've been using Purple Chem several times, and the experience was absolutely great. It forced me to do better and live at my best!"

- Hanna Smith

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