Cannabis Strains: Purple Chem Review

Purple Chem is an Indica cannabis strain that offers amazing euphoric effects and potential health benefits. If you want to try this soon, shop at our store!

Is stress bugging your day that you cannot perform at your best? You're not alone in the fast-paced world where many people are coping with stress daily. But there's good news if you have a deep interest in cannabis strains. One of the most popular and effective remedies against stress and bad mood is the so-called Purple Chemdawg. This weed variety could come to your rescue and change how you face the busy week as it boosts your energy and motivation. How? Now that's the topic we're going to shed light on today.

You've probably read many cannabis product reviews already - or maybe just a few. Either way, it's always vital to consider this source as your guide in choosing the best cannabis strain for your recreational or medical needs. But the tricky part is not just that. As you enter the weed market, you must find a reputable provider that can guarantee 100% satisfaction with your chosen items. Have you spotted one yet? Well, mind you, Illicit Gardens is here to give you all the premium marijuana products that are friendly to your budget. Read on and learn more about one of our highly sought-after cannabis strains - the Purple Chem.

Purple Chem: What is It Exactly?

There are over 100 cannabis strains discovered to date, and most of these products are getting the hype among millions of consumers across the United States and Canada. You'll also find some in other places where weed is legal. But among all the available choices, no single item works for everyone. If you're passionate about marijuana due to its psychoactive and therapeutic effects, you need to find one strain that could give you relief and satisfaction.

Purple Chem is a highly potent Indica-dominant strain created by crossing Purple Punch and Stardawg. The growers initially bred this popular weed variety in Southern California, and it has gone through some experiments before having the final product. The breeders have crossed Chem 91 with a double-back-crossed Pre-98 Bubba male to produce the best features of the two classic marijuana strains. Purple Chem has won multiple awards, including the best Indica at the 2016 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup.

What Made Purple Chem an Award-Winning Strain?