Terpene Profile:   d-Limonene, alpha-Humulene, beta-Myrcene, Linalool, alpha Bisabolol

Strain Type:  Hybrid

Lineage: [Lemon Tree] x [Purple Punch] 

Breeder:  Greenpoint Seeds

Lemon Tree Punch combines the sweet-and-sour tang of Lemon Tree and the fruity  fragrance of Purple Punch. This variety smells strongly of lemon, grape, and berry,  mixed with undertones of diesel fuel and wet soil. Lemon Tree Punch offers a rich flavor  that is particularly complex. Depending on the phenotype, some plants may taste more  of grape and berry, and others may be more citrusy. 


Lemon Tree Punch provides a balanced effect that is both stimulating and comforting.  Users report that this strain boosts the mood and increases motivation when it is  consumed in small doses. When consumed in greater quantities, this invigorating effect  shifts into a mildly sedating stone that may reduce muscle tension and soothe the mind.  Given its well-balanced effects, Lemon Tree Punch makes for a great all-day smoke. 


Lemon Tree Punch’s powerful cerebral high may surprise consumers before lulling them  into a peaceful state of relaxation. Though the body may feel slightly numb, the brain  will remain focused and able to function effectively. This variety may be ideal for those  suffering from anxiety, depression, or stress, though she does well to combat pain and  inflammation, as well. Additionally, many users report intense food cravings as the  Lemon Tree Punch high begins to subside. As such, those who suffer from nausea or  eating disorders may benefit from consuming this strain.




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