Terpene Profile:  Nerolidol 2, d-Limonene, alpha-Humulene, beta-Myrcene, alpha Bisabolol

Strain Type:  Indica

Lineage: [Shuteye] x [Stardawg]

Breeder:  Greenpoint Seeds

A cross between Shut Eye and Stardawg, Hibernate is the nighttime cold  medicine of cannabis. She is unbelievably sleepy, relaxing, and potent – the  name is unerringly precise. This can be expected with knowledge of her ancestral  background: Fire OG, Bubba Kush, Alien Technology, Purple Kush, and Chemdog  amalgamate to create this potent weapon against insomnia.


Her bouquet leans  toward the OG and Chemdog, but with a strong lemon peel flavor as well.  Flowers are peerlessly dense and trichome-encrusted. 

Stardawg works his usual genetic magic on this line. Hibernate seedlings carry all  the best traits of mom through on this one, and most phenotypes will lean a bit  more toward Shut Eye but with improved vigor. Compact and weighty, purple tinged buds will grow with high quantities of resin present.


The aroma can vary  wildly, expressing lemon tones, cherry, rock candy, and skunky Stardawg. 

Hibernate is a medicinal variety with great applications for insomnia, pain relief,  anxiety, and other conditions that prevent sleep or relaxation. Be careful about  smoking this one early in the day. 




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