We expertly hand trim the biggest and best, A-grade buds from the tops of our colas. Each glass jar contains no more than 7 buds, but more likely you will see 3 - 5 big nugs in each eighth sold.

ready 2 roll

Our flower is grown, harvested, cured and packaged with the patient in mind every step of the way. The experience of our illicit growers coupled with our commitment to technology creates consistent and impactful cannabis. 

7g popcorn

We package the quality popcorn and B tier flower to be sold as a 1g option for patients. We sell our smaller buds in 1lb bulk sizes and ship with pre-branded illicit mylar bags and include the compliance label to be packaged at your store.


Our 1 gram pre-rolls are only made from hand-trimmed flower and NEVER from shake or trim. We delicately grind up smaller buds not used as pre-packaged flower in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment to maintain the cannabinoid and terpene profile of our illicit flower as we prepare material for our state-of-the-art AutoCone machine.


Smoko is Australian slang meaning 'a rest from work for a smoke; a tea break'. Whether you don’t have the time to enjoy one of our larger illicit cannabis joints or need one for the aforementioned lunch break, we created a smaller version and included 5 of them for every day of the workweek. Now, that’s the tea, sis.


Our Live Resin cartridges will give you everything our flower offers in a discreet, compact, and concentrated method of inhalation, available 0.5g and 1.0g sizes. Our BHO extracted live resin originates from carefully selected flowers we cut down early at day 55 of our 63-day flowering cycle. 


Our distillate cartridges are born from the coldest of methods using high-quality flowers and high-quality equipment which creates the highest quality of oil.  Classy Carts is for those craving a little flavor and fun with their method of medicating.


Our Butane Hash Oil (BHO) line of concentrates are created with only the highest quality frozen material and hydrocarbon equipment. Our non-BHO concentrates created from dry material or cured material creating “cured resin”.  We only use the highest quality full nugs and flowers to run using hydrocarbon or ethanol extraction processes.