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Looking for a delicious treat that's packing a serious punch? Made with potent THC - these gummies are sure to please

ready 2 roll

These pre-ground flower jars contain 5 grams of our high-quality hand-trimmed flower, prepped and Ready2Roll! No grinders needed, just pour into your papers or preferred smoking device and let one rip.

7g popcorn

Our popcorn buds are hand-trimmed and held to the same standard as our regular buds. Most popcorn buds form by breaking off larger ones during the curing and trimming process. During the curing process, these buds fall to the bottom of the barrel, which can cause kief to build up and create an even more potent final product.


Our 1 gram pre-rolls are only made from hand-trimmed flower and NEVER from shake or trim. We delicately grind up smaller buds not used as pre-packaged flower in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment to maintain the cannabinoid and terpene profile


Smoko is Australian slang meaning 'a rest from work for a smoke; a tea break'. We created a smaller version and included 5 of them for every day of the workweek. 


Our Live Resin cartridges will give you everything our flower offers in a discreet, compact, and concentrated method of inhalation, using TPK cartridges for a cleaner, more pure vape experience.