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  • Jazlyn Epps is a professional singer-songwriter and actress from Kansas City who draws inspiration from artists like Rihanna and the music of the 2000's R&B era. Jazlyn has been interested in music since she was very young, singing in her church's choir and performing in Elementary School talent shows at just 2nd grade. Her dream was always to one day share her voice and emotions with the world. As a creative and independent woman, she seeks to provide a safe haven for others through her music while embracing all of her own emotions. 


    She regularly consumes cannabis 3-4 times a week in order to open her brain and heart, and to tap into her creative juices in order to make unique music that transports people to another world. As an artist and creator, she encourages others to not fall into stereotypes, be unapologetically themselves, and never be afraid to take risks or try something new. Outside of music, Jazlyn is a professional actress and a bartender who has a passion for animals and learning about wildlife and their behaviors. In 2023, her goal is to release a new album, gain more radio and media attention, and to be touring and have over a million streams on music platforms.

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