Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you name your brand Illicit?

We chose the name Illicit to highlight the hypocrisy in the legal system towards cannabis, namely the thousands of people still in prison for cannabis related offenses that should be freed immediately and their records expunged. The name is a question: why is it Illicit and how can we remove the stigma towards this natural medicine?

What are you actually doing for the community?

In the three months since we began distributing, we have donated and raised 10s of thousands of gallons for several organizations including but not limited to Last Prisoner Project, Canna Convicts, the Kansas City Hispanic Economic Development Corporation, and Children’s Mercy Hospital. Supporting our community is at the heart of our mission.

Why do your social media posts look the way they do and why did you take this approach?

We believe that just because this is critically important medicine, doesn’t mean we can’t provide you visually appealing, unique, and stimulating visual content. We are constantly evolving and we will continue to modify things as we grow as a brand. We are young, launched just a few months ago, and your honest feedback has been extremely helpful for us to identify where we can improve our messaging. We are working toward developing more information to help patients, more info on our efforts to help the community, how you can get involved in those efforts, plus expanding our donation and community outreach program.

Do you machine trim your product or use any other type of labor automation?

We don’t cut corners. We don’t wet trim. We don’t machine trim. We only hand trim. We will have over 160 employees keeping a watchful eye on every part of the cultivation and manufacturing process to ensure you’re provided with consistency and the highest quality products. We will be continuously investing in their training and education.

Why do some dispensaries charge different prices for the same Illicit product?

We do not set dispensary prices, and our current suggest MSRP for our dispensary partners is $62.50 for 1/8 of flower. These prices are in line with some recreational market prices, such as Nevada and Illinois. Dispensaries have the ability to set their own prices, and we have no authority to determine what price they sell our product for. An important note here: all businesses have their own financial circumstances and needs, and this certainly plays a role in their prices. The delayed role out for the state, caused by COVID and other reasons, has affected dispensaries in several ways, and has cost these locations considerably more financially than likely originally anticipated. For instance, employees and rent still needs to be paid for most locations, even if they have been unable to open or haven't had a enough product available due to circumstances out of their control. This is an unfortunate circumstance of this new market, and one we know will resolve itself in time.

Why is it so difficult to regularly find your product?

There are around half a dozen cultivators currently supplying product in MO. Their combined cultivation capacity is significantly lower than the current demand in the state. Our expanded cultivation operations, plus other great cultivators in the state continuing to ramp up operations, will dramatically increase the supply in the state and lead to more product availability and lower prices.

Do you show preferential treatment to certain dispensaries through pricing or product quality?

We charge the same wholesale prices for all dispensaries we sell to. We do not pick and choose which flower or other materials go to any dispensary. When our new cultivation facility comes online, we will be able to get more product in the hands of more dispensaries more regularly.

Do you package the products that go to each dispensary?

We supply product in bulk to dispensaries and they package it on site. They have the option to use their own containers, or they can use our glass jars. The packaging process at this time is handled by individual dispensary locations.

Do you operate multiple Reddit accounts?

We operate a single Reddit account: Illicit_Gardens. We do not solicit posts, up or down votes, or manipulate subs in any way. We rarely post, primarily only to share our monthly strain art releases. We comment occasionally to answer questions, and we upvote all types of posts with our single account, including positive posts about other brands and some of the great questions / comments that come up in this sub.