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ILLICIT works with local and national advocacy groups to support the release of cannabis POWs. Learn more about our partners below.

Over $100,000 in Donations Since 2020 for Local & National Causes


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awards & Recognition

Company of the Year: Illicit

Best Packaging Design: Illicit

Product of the Year: Illicit Live Rosin

Best Vape - Live: Illicit - Live Resin Purple Chem

Cultivator of the Year

Top Brand in Missouri

2021 LeafLink List

Best Selling Cannabis Brand in Missouri

2021 BDSA

Best Brand Design

2021 Greenway Readers' Choice Awards

Best Packaging Design

2021 Greenway Readers' Choice Awards

Brand of the Year

2021 Greenway Readers' Choice Awards

Best Cultivator

2021 Greenway Readers' Choice Awards

Best New Product: Illicit Live Resins

2021 Greenway Readers' Choice Awards

Best Pre-Roll: Illicit Smokos - Gorilla

2021 Greenway Readers' Choice Awards

Best Vape Cartridge: Illicit Live Resin KC Kush

2021 Greenway Readers' Choice Awards

Best Facility Design

2021 Greenway Readers' Choice

We feature a premier genetic library with over 30 strains hand selected and pheno hunted by our Master Growers.

We utilize state-of-the-art "bio-security" systems that eliminate all contaminants in the air and on all surfaces.

Why do we hand trim? Hand trimming gives you better-looking buds, but most importantly: higher potency. Machine trimming may be faster, but it damages trichomes and does a number on the buds. We take our time with every nugget, so you always get the highest quality product. Each strain is treated with our proprietary drying and curing techniques to maximize the cannabinoid and terpene content of the flower.


Everything is hand done...always.​


Imagine sitting in a cell for years, convicted of an activity that is no longer a crime, while thousands of other people build intergenerational wealth doing the same thing. That is the situation over 40,000 cannabis prisoners face today in the United States aloneThe Last Prisoner Project has one singular mission: to set them free.


The mission of CCP is to assist non-violent cannabis inmates in Missouri with their release from prison, as well as create an exit plan that will assist them as they reintegrate back into society. The journey does not end upon release!

Grown, Harvested, Cured, and Packaged With The CUSTOMER In Mind, Every Step Of The Way.

160 employees keeping a watchful eye on every part of the cultivation and manufacturing process to ensure you’re provided with consistency and the highest quality products.

480V power which decreases total kilowatts used. Everything is done at high voltage and our goal is to constantly increase efficiency.

0 temperature moisture levels outdoors affect indoor climates. With this type of enhanced energy efficiency, we can bring Missouri the best cannabis possible.

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