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We chose the name Illicit to highlight the hypocrisy in the legal system towards cannabis, and the thousands of people still in prison for cannabis related offenses that should be freed immediately.


We have joined the Legal Missouri 2022 campaign to help gather over 172,000 valid signatures from registered voters to place the issue of marijuana legalization on the 2022 ballot! This is a massive statewide push! Each FTE location will have a spot to sign the petition in their Reception rooms. You do not have to be a medical marijuana patient to come in and sign.

Field Works is hiring throughout Missouri! No canvass experience required. You’ll be sent to public places and events to talk to Missouri voters about cannabis legalization.
Field works pays $18-$20 an hour plus shift bonuses. Full-Time, Part-Time, and Overtime hours are available, and staff pick the days of the week that they work, both on weekdays, weekends, or both. Leadership opportunities are available for hard-working staff who want some extra pay and management experience.

ILLICIT Works With Local
And National Advocacy Groups To Support The Release Of
Cannabis POWs

We're bringing responsible medical cannabis into the mainstream. The data doesn't lie, and marijuana prohibition is a wrong we're working to right.

Donte Westmoreland

Donte Westmoreland is a decriminalization and anti-incarceration advocate whose experience with the criminal justice system changed his life forever. With a no criminal record score, and nothing illegal in his possession, Donte was arrested and convicted on charges that were later overturned. He spent three years imprisoned, where with the support of the facility's Warden and staff, he worked to fight his charges and also spoke to area teens about his experience with law enforcement and the courts. He was released on October 15, 2020 and is re-establishing his life in northern California where he works with the Last Prisoner Project to help free anyone incarcerated on cannabis related charges.


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Perfected strains. Refined genetics.

For liberated minds and appreciators of the finest quality cannabis products. 


We use a long, slow, cool dry and cure process to ensure the best buds get into the patients hands.


Not Just Another Brand

We have over 160 employees keeping a watchful eye on every part of the cultivation and manufacturing process to ensure you’re provided with consistency and the highest quality products. We continuously invest in their training and education.


Always Hand Trimmed

We don't use any machines in the harvest process and all buds are

hand trimmed.


Cannabis Derived Oil

Filled with all the right nutrients needed to make this medicine sparkle.


All Natural Botanical Terpenes

 Drying and curing techniques used to maximize the cannabinoid and

terpene content 




We work with artist @Samsara-scenes to create collectible Strain Art for each of our amazing strains. The artwork captures the story behind each stain and gives them the attitude they deserve. 


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Illicit Content

Folllow us @illicitgardensmo